Energy Policy

Northern Industrial Electricity Rate Program (NIER) Continued Indefinitely

Ontario recently announced that the Northern Industrial Electricity Rate (NIER) program will be extended indefinitely. The NIER was introduced as a three-year program in 2010 and extended in 2012 for a second three-year term. Going forward, Ontario will continue to invest up to $120 million per year in the program. Under the NIER program, Northern […]


LDC Consolidation and the 2015 Ontario Budget: Opening the Door to the Private Sector

On April 23, 2015, the Ontario Finance Minister released the 2015 provincial budget (“Budget 2015”). Often a non-event from the perspective of Ontario’s local electricity distribution companies (LDCs), this year there is much to consider. To read the full Energy Bulletin, please click here.


OEB Issues Staff Report on the 2014 Natural Gas Market Review

On March 31, 2015, Ontario Energy Board staff issued a report to the OEB about the 2014 Natural Gas Market Review (NGMR). The OEB staff report summarizes what was presented and discussed through the NGMR consultation, and makes recommendations for next steps.


OEB Determines That All Residential Electricity Customers Will Move to Fixed Charges for Distribution

On April 2, 2015, the Ontario Energy Board released its Board Policy on Rate Design for Electricity Residential Customers. The Policy requires that all residential electricity customers in Ontario will pay a fixed charge for the electricity distribution portion of their bills. This is a change from the long-standing practice of calculating part of the distribution charges based on a customer’s electricity usage.


Ontario Energy Board March Report

On March 26, 2015, the Ontario Energy Board released a report on changes to its rate-making policies that it will adopt in order to support consolidation of Ontario’s electricity distributors. The Board’s report followed a consultation process to consider changes to regulatory requirements that may facilitate efficiency improvements.


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