Large Renewable Procurement (“LRP”) – Take 2 – And Related Procurement Directions From the Minister of Energy

On April 5, 2016, the Minister of Energy directed (the “Direction”) the IESO to undertake the second phase of the LRP (“LRP II”) that was first announced in 2013. The Direction follows the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (the “IESO”) recent completion of the first phase of the LRP, which concluded on March 10, 2016 (“LRP […]


An Introduction to Energy Storage in Ontario

The use of new and existing technologies to store electricity is an increasingly important and visible issue in the energy field. Energy storage has been referred to by many commentators as a “game changer,” as it will greatly improve the efficient use of electricity resources (generation, transmission, distribution). At the same time, an increased role […]


Disruptive Technologies: Challenges & Opportunities for Electricity Distributors

Ron Clark recently presented at ENERCOM 2016 on the topic of Disruptive Technologies: Challenges & Opportunities for Electricity Distributors.  A copy of Ron’s presentation can be found here. ENERCOM, in its 17th year, is hosted annually  by the Electricity Distributor’s Association and brings together senior executives from the Canadian energy industry.  ENERCOM 2016 was held […]


Nevada’s Net-Metering Decisions – A Not-so-Thin Edge of the Wedge

On February 12, Nevada’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) voted to alter its December 2015 ruling that will dramatically, and retroactively, reduce the rate at which distributed solar generation facilities will be paid for electricity produced – agreeing to implement its ruling over 12 years instead of the original four years. The battle before the Nevada […]


Ontario Commits to Bruce Power Nuclear Refurbishment Agreement

Ontario recently announced that the province has concluded a deal with Bruce Power to refurbish six of its eight reactors at the Tiverton-based nuclear generation station. The IESO (then OPA) and Bruce Power entered into negotiations following the release of Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan in December 2013, which indicated that nuclear power would account for […]


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