OEB’s Consultation into Regulatory Treatment of Pension Costs is Moving Ahead

As we reported last year, regulated utilities in Ontario can expect changes to the reporting and recoverability in rates of their pension costs. The Ontario Energy Board’s previously announced consultation to look at how pension and other post-employment benefits costs are treated for regulatory purposes will be the subject of a Stakeholder Forum on July 19, 2016. Presumably, the OEB will update relevant regulatory rules and instruments after that time.


OEB Provides Details of its Consumer Engagement and Representation Framework

Recently, the Ontario Energy Board announced details of the much anticipated “Consumer Engagement and Representation Framework.” The focus of the planned new framework is on providing local consumers with greater access to and representation within OEB processes.


Regulated Utility Rate of Return – Different Jurisdictions, Different Approaches

A popular session at the 2016 CAMPUT conference in Montreal addressed utility rate of return. This presentation, titled “Rate of Return: Where the Regulatory Rubber Meets the Road” featured two regulators (Willie Grieve, the chair of the Alberta Utilities Board, and Travis Kavulla, vice-chair of the Montana Public Service Commission and chair of the National […]


OEB to Consider Rate Design and Billing for Customers with Load Displacement Generation

On March 29, 2016, the OEB issued a Notice indicating that it is commencing a policy review to address the question of how a commercial and industrial customer should be billed when they have a Load Displacement Generator (LDG) behind the meter. As part of this process, the OEB indicates that it will also undertake […]


Changes Coming to Electricity Rate Design for Ontario’s Commercial and Industrial Consumers

The process to redesign distribution rates for Ontario’s large electricity customers is moving ahead. On March 31, 2016, Ontario Energy Board (OEB) Staff published a Staff Discussion Paper titled “Rate Design for Commercial and Industrial Electricity Customers: Aligning the Interests of Customers and Distributors.” The Staff Discussion Paper is part of an OEB consultation process […]


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