Utility Mergers

OEB Grants Approval for Creation of Ontario’s Second-Largest Electricity Distributor

The Ontario Energy Board has issued a decision approving an application by Enersource Hydro Mississauga Inc., Horizon Utilities Corporation and PowerStream Inc. for approval to merge, and for the merged entity, “LDC Co,” to purchase and merge with Hydro One Brampton Networks Inc.


Hydro One Inc.’s MAADs Application Re Acquisition of Great Lakes Power Transmission

The Ontario Energy Board issued its decision in respect of the MAADs (Mergers, Acquisitions, Amalgamations and Divestitures) Application by Hydro One (“HONI”) on October 13, 2016. Briefly, HONI was seeking approval for the purchase of the voting shares of Great Lakes Power Transmission Inc. (“GLP”), acceptance of a proposed 10-year rate rebasing deferral period with […]


First Nations and Ontario Strike Agreement-in-Principle for Sale of Hydro One Shares

On July 12th, the Province of Ontario and First Nations, represented by the Chiefs-in-Assembly,  announced an agreement-in-principle for Ontario to sell up to 15 million shares of Hydro One Limited to First Nation communities in the province. The Liberal government in Ontario has partially privatized the public utility, and so far 30% of Hydro One’s […]


Merger of Golden Horseshoe Utilities Closer to Completion

The long-awaited merger of four Golden Horseshoe electricity distributors is nearing completion. As we have previously discussed, in April 2015, the Minister of Energy announced the merger of a group of Ontario electricity distributors: PowerStream Inc., Enersource Hydro Mississauga Inc., Horizon Utilities Inc. and Hydro One Brampton Networks Inc. On March 25, 2016, Minister Chiarelli […]


Will Toronto Hydro be “Ubered”? Disruptive Technologies and Electric Utilities

Recently, reports of behind-the-scenes consideration of the sale of a minority stake in city-owned Toronto Hydro have surfaced. Some (including Mayor Tory himself) have criticized any such potential deal as a “fire sale.” Others cite the need for new sources of revenue to fund needed infrastructure. Whether Toronto Hydro remains wholly owned by the city […]


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